History of the meetings


The line of European Carabidologists meeting started in 1969 by Piet den Boer, zoologist at the Wijster Biological Station at that time belonging to the Landbouwhoogeschool in Wageningen, the Netherlands (nowadays Wageningen University), who invited eminent European carabidologists of that time to discuss the importance of dispersal and dispersal power of carabid beetles in their (meta-)population dynamics. In 1973, Hans-Ulrich Thiele followed up with his invitation to Rees-Grietherbush, a field station of the University of Cologne, and since then the ECM has been organized every two to five years. Since the VIth meeting in Balatonalmadi, Hungary, 1986, the period stabilized to three years, and starting with the XIth meeting in Tuczno, Poland, 2001, the period shortened to biannual.


So far the ECM visited 15 European countries. Since the meeting in Westerbork, the Netherlands, 2009, a travelling trophy beetle for organizer signed by Piet den Boer started to be handed over at the end of each meeting.


A variety of topics has been covered so far during the meetings. Each meeting had a motto which indicated the scientific direction of the meeting, however all other aspects of carabidological science were accepted in order to keep the meeting attractive to the widest audience. In the past conservation biology, urban ecology, population biology and genetics and molecular phylogeny of carabid beetles dominated the meetings, but other topics such as biology of single species, including larvae were always present. More detailed history of the meetings can be found here.


The list of all European Carabidologists Meetings

1969 Wijster, Netherlands (1st ECM)
1973 Rees-Grietherbush, Germany (2nd ECM)
1978 Rees-Grietherbush, Germany (3rd ECM)
1981 Münster, Germany (4th ECM)
1982 Stara Brda Pilska, Poland (5th ECM)
1984 Hamburg, Germany (symposium within 17th International Entomological Congress)
1986 Balatonalmadi, Hungary (6th ECM)
1989 London, United Kingdom (7th ECM)
1992 Louvain la Neuve, Belgium (8th ECM)
1995 Kauniainen, Finland (3rd International Carabidology Congress)
1998 Camigliatello, Italy (9th ECM)
2001 Tuczno, Poland (10th ECM)
2003 Aarhus, Denmark (11th ECM)
2005 Murcia, Spain (12th ECM)
2007 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (13th ECM)
2009 Westerbork, Netherlands (14th ECM)
2011 Daugavpils, Latvia (15th ECM)
2013 Prague, Czech Republic (16th ECM)
2015 Primošten, Croatia (17th ECM)
2017 Rennes, France (18th ECM)